Solidarity with Greece


“Athénée – Action Humanitaire” will support a school in one of the poorest regions of Greece for the next 5 years: Pieria.

Our main partner is a high school from a rural area where the residents are greatly suffering from the crisis. The high school Kato Milia Pieria and the Athénée de Luxembourg work in solidarity to improve the deteriorating living conditions of the people.

Our project is about mutual understanding and learning. And above all, we get involved together.

Solidarity! How?

Our project strives for the following activities:

  • We inform each other. Getting to know each other is the first step.
  • We help the High School Kato Milia Pieria by providing computers and other IT material.
  • We make dental exams possible for students who cannot afford them.
  • We fund vaccinations for students.
  • We support the efforts of our Greek friends to fight forest fires in the area of Mount Olympus
  • Both schools support the citizens’ initiative “O Topos Mou”, which takes care of disadvantaged citizens. Here we learn and lend a hand.

Solidarity! Organized!

You can’t do it alone – like in football, you need a team.

Our project is very well networked. Here is our team:

Kato Milia Pieria High School:

The Athénée de Luxembourg and Kato Milia Pieria High School have launched an official partnership and we are committed to it together.

O Topos Mou:

Our local partner supports needy citizens, among other things by collecting and distributing food and medicine. The “O Topos Mou” center is also a place of encounter and exchange – here we want to learn and understand. And actively participate!

Medecins du Monde:

MdM Luxembourg and MdM Greece organize vaccinations and dental examinations for students in the Pieria region thanks to our financial support. Thanks! Great!

Catch A Smile asbl:

The Asbl helps refugees, also in Greece, be it through the financial support of our projects, through practical work (you can cut vegetables afterwards!) – or just a smile.

And many others:

Erasmus +, “Comité de Solidarité avec la Grèce”, the Luxembourg Fire Brigade, UNESCO Luxembourg…

Our first Greece conference:

We were able to get the following personalities to illuminate the topic of Greece from different perspectives:

  • Mrs. Nathalie Schmit, “Catch A Smile a.s.b.l.”
  • Mr. Jean Feyder, retired ambassador, member of the “ASTM a.s.b.l.” and “Comité de solidarité avec la Grece”
  • Mr. Michel Decker, member of the “Comité de solidarité avec la Grèce” and “Amis du Monde Diplomatique”;
  • Mr. Elias Tsolakidis, citizens’ initiative O Topos Mou (“our place”) and EDHE Pieria project partner.

And this is what our students said about the conference:

“I liked it very much. Elias also talked about his family and his emotions were clearly visible in his explanations. You can tell how brave he is and understand how he wants to help Greece. His examples were very well chosen and very specific.” (no name given)

“It was a very informative conference to get a better picture of the Greek situation. Unfortunately, a lot of data was mentioned that you can’t remember it all.” (Ella Marx, 4C5)

“I really liked the presentations. They were interesting and sometimes shocking. You learned a lot about Greece and you didn’t just get the perspective of the politicians or the EU, but mainly that of the residents.” (June Brentjens, 4C5)

“The presentations were very informative and illustrated the topic very well. I definitely have the feeling that I now have a better picture of the current situation in Greece. My interest in this campaign was definitely aroused.” (Lara Estgen, 4C5)

“I really liked Elias’ presentation. It really captivated you and you could feel the suffering that Greeks carry within them.” (Sarah Schumacher, 4C5)

“The presentations were very impressive and I am now motivated to be here helping.” (Kitty Guo, 4C5)

“I really liked the presentations. Although I have a different opinion on some points, Mr. Tsolakidis introduced us well to the subject” (Charel Bourkel, 4C5)

“I enjoyed the lectures very much and I think it is important that we, as a young generation, become aware of how well we are doing in our country and also think of others. “(Sophie Jorgensen, 4C5)

“These lectures touched us with their realistic and emotional speaches and made us reflect to provide help and engage in solidarity”. (Cathy Jiang, Jil Sand, Zita Viliany, 4CL1)

“I found the conference very interesting. Above all, Elias’ lecture touched me emotionally when he told examples from his own life.” (Luc Paquet, 4CL1)