Presentation of the NGO

Since 1988, the Athénée has embarked on the mission of humanitarian aid through the WARMTH project (acronym for WAR against Malnutrition, Tuberculosis and Hunger), and hopes to fight against both hunger and diseases in order to fulfil a promise that no child will go to bed hungry. The project was launched and meticulously coordinated for 10 years by our late colleague, Marie-Paul Georges.

In 2006, our school created the association “Athénée-Action humanitaire“ (A-AH), of which article 1 states: “The purpose of the association is to support development aid projects in the field of educational and vocational training as well as on social and cultural levels”.

Since 2007, our association has benefited from the approval as a non-governmental development organisation (NGDO), granted by the Minister of Cooperation. The Athénée de Luxembourg is the only high school that has brought together its various charitable activities into the crucible of its own non-governmental organisation.

The NGO is managed by a board of directors made up of representatives from the different partners of the school.

PresidentRomain Diederich
Vice-PresidentMarc Franck
SecretaryAisha Bove
TreasurerPatricia Becker
MembersMarco Breyer
Paolo Brignardello
Romain Diederich
Marianne Dondelinger
Monika Ferranti
Léa Kauffmann
Anne Kayser
Lily Moran
Luc Schanen
Honorary presidentJoseph Salentiny

Actions used to promote the NGO and raise awareness among students are organised by a committee that brings together both students as well as teachers from the Athénée. Contact person: Romain Diederich.