Greece Conference

The sixth annual Greece conference took place on 1st February 2024 and it commenced with an opening address by our esteemed headmaster, Mr. Claude Heiser who introduced and welcomed our guest speaker, Elias Tsolakidis. The presentation, lasting about an hour, showcased the commendable efforts of our partner NGO, Kapnikos Stathmos in Katerini, Greece. As a long-term partner of the EDHE Pieria project, Elias shared invaluable insights on climate change action and crisis management. Approximately 70 teachers had registered for this teacher-training session, and they were treated to an enlightening discourse on community action and sustainable development approaches. Following the presentation, Elias moderated a stimulating question-and-answer session. During the short break, students from the OEDHE optional class offered sandwiches and beverages ensuring the participants’ comfort and sustenance.