Since its creation in 1988, the NGO Athénée Action Humanitaire has supported large-scale solidarity projects in South Africa, Cape Verde and, more recently, in Greece. Since 2010, in order to raise awareness to the school community of the projects, as well as the fund-raising campaign, 3 events have been stapled into AL tradition: The Christmas Market (in December), the Charity Run (around Easter) and the ING Marathon (in May/June). Whether the focus is on friendliness, endurance or a festive atmosphere, these three events all have one thing in common: the enthusiastic commitment of the Athénée school community!

Nearing the end of the 2nd trimester/ the start of the 3rd trimester, the Charity Run marks the second key moment in the solidary school year at the AL, in which all students and a large majority of teaching, administrative and technical staff participate. As hinted by the name of the event itself, the Charity Run is simple, the runners run and the sponsors sponsor. Every runner is supported by one or more sponsors who pay a certain amount of money for every 5 minutes they are able to run (see the site, so that students, parents, grandparents, teachers, management, etc. can all be active in an exemplary event of solidarity.